Benazzi Compensati

Engineering wood is our mission, making quality products is our job

We are a family business founded in 1964 and located in the lower Mantua area, close to the Po and Oglio rivers. We have always used poplar as a raw material: poplar is the main element of our production.

Our company specializes in the production of poplar and exotic plywoods such as Okumè, Ceiba or Ilomba. The production makes use of the most modern machinery and technologies, which make it possible to create diversified, high quality products that meet the different customer. The strength of Benazzi Compensati is its flexibility and the search for customized solutions according to customer requests.
The skills of the men who work in this company make the difference.

  • Ambiente Favorevole
  • The favorable environment

    Compensati Benazzi S.r.l. is in the Po Valley where the Oglio river flows into the Po. It is here, in the floodplains of the two rivers, that most of the poplar cultivation is concentrated. It is here that Italian poplar cultivation has become the "art of poplar cultivation", a real excellence, recognized and imitated by many countries around the world.

  • Tradition and evolution

    The art of poplar cultivation is the result of a long tradition, which dates its roots in the post-war period. In the 1950s, a strong demand for poplar timber developed in the packaging sector: packaging for fruit and vegetables was produced from sawing the upper part of the poplar trunk. It was in those years that Benazzi had been born.
    The knowledge of poplar and of its characteristics as raw material was handed down and, starting from the second generation, Benazzi evolves in the production of plywood becoming Benazzi Compensati S.r.l.

  • Tradizione ed evoluzione
  • AffidabilitĂ 
  • Reliability

    We have been operating in the sector for more than 50 years, with seriousness and concreteness. For three generations we have been passing on and making use of the experience and knowledge of the characteristics of the raw material. The know-how and the experience of the people who work with us make the difference.

  • Attention

    The plywood is an adaptable material. We work a living product that comes from a living organism: the plant. Each plant is unique and can present different characteristics and problems that must be taken into consideration, to create a quality product.Our goal is to adapt the panel, the qualities of the formats and the dimensions to the needs of our customers: compositions, qualities, formats and thicknesses.

  • attenzione
  • Sguardo al futuro
  • Looking to the future

    Our strength is to start from a sustainable product, from which landscape and occupational benefits are derived; we are proud to exploit an easily renewable raw material, with a production cycle of 10 years. We are aware of the resources necessary for the production of plywood, and we try to make the most of them: all parts of the product are reused without waste. To pursue this goal, we keep the company up-to-date technologically, ensuring optimized production processes while respecting the environment.