Ilomba and Poplar Panel

ilomba poplar panel

Ilomba | Poplar

It is a panel made up internally of poplar wood veneers arranged in crossed fibers and covered with Ilomba faces of different qualities. The main feature is the lightness and this type of panel is suitable for covering with papers or PVC.

  • Lightness
  • Colour Uniformity
  • Hygroscopy
  • Water Release


  • automotiveAutomotive
    Components for cars and caravans

Sizes and thicknesses

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Technical Information

Quality Grades

  • III  BB
    “Open” face, putty-filled, suitable for coating with heavy papers. Sound, tight knots and cracks are allowed. Colorations, as long as they do not affect soundness, repairs and patches are allowed. Faces made up of jointed slats.

Download the Quality Grades Brochure

Bonding Classes

  • 1

    Dry Internal Environment
    suitable for situations in which the panel is repaired, completely protected from atmospheric agents. Use: not exposed to moisture, not in contact with the ground and in a dry environment. Wood moisture less than 20%.

Download the Bonding Classes Brochure